The Institute for Policy Research is dedicated to disseminating the findings of our faculty's social science research widely—to students, scholars, policymakers, and the public. Below are infographics that visually display key findings from several of our researchers.

Census Error Infographic

Do Some Countries Discriminate More Than Others?

Lincoln Quillian, Anthony Heath, Devah Pager, Arnfinn H. Midtbøen, Fennella Fleischmann, Ole Hexel

Census Error Infographic

Accuracy Versus Cost in the 2020 Census

Bruce Spencer and Zachary Seeskin

infographic on women's wages Women Still Ask for Less: Hourly Rates in the Online Marketplace

Eureka Foong, Nicholas Vincent, Brent Hect, and Elizabeth Gerber

pregnancy complications

Black Women Have Higher Rates of Pregnancy Complications

Archana Roy, Alan Peaceman, Moeun SonJoe Feinglass


Emphasizing Diversity in Schools Linked to Better Health for Students of Color

Edith Chen, Cynthia Levine, Greg Miller


The Changing Safety Net for Children

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach and Hillary Hoynes

schanzenbach infographic

 Predicting Police Misconduct

Kyle Rozema and Max Schanzenbach

payday laons Infographic

Payday Loans Tied to Health Risks

Christopher Kuzawa, Thomas McDade, and Elizabeth Sweet

Sexism Infographic

Sexism Follows Women Across States—and Their Lives

Kerwin Kofi Charles, Jonathan Guryan, and Jessica Pan

low SES student success

Study: Visualizing Success Can Ease Student Anxiety

Mesmin Destin, Vida M. Manzo, Sarah S.M. Townsend


patient communication infographic

Communication Between Healthcare Providers and LGBTQ Youth

Celia Fisher, Adam Fried, Kathryn Macapagal, and Brian Mustanski

Maternal Disadvantage

The Legacy of Hardship

Greg Miller, Emma Adam, Thomas McDade, Ann Borders

Adam Heissel Infographic

The Impact of Violent Crime on Sleep and Stress

Emma Adam and Jennifer Heissel 


Racial Diversity Among Coaches Drives Diversity of Beliefs

James Druckman

Ferrie infographic

How Cash Transfers Help Children in the Long Run

Joseph Ferrie

Quillian hiring

Persistence of Racial Discrimination in U.S. Hiring

Lincoln Quillian

McDade infographic

Connecting Early Childhood Environments and Adult Health

Thomas McDade, Greg Miller, and Christopher Kuzawa

Quillian infographic

Income Segregation in French and U.S. Cities

Lincoln Quillian

Jayachandran infographic

Cash for Carbon

Seema Jayachandran

Hagan infographic

School Shootings Linked to Increased Unemployment

John Hagan

notowidigdo info

The Affordable Care Act and Emergency Room Access

Matthew Notowidigdo and Craig Garthwaite

Does School Spending Matter?

Kirabo Jackson
ispa landa info

Race and Gender in Urban-to-Suburban School Busing Program

Simone Ispa-Landa

Substance Abuse and Dependence After Juvenile Detention

Linda Teplin
figlio Cultural Values Affect Educational Outcomes David Figlio and Paola Sapienza
percheski info Children Living with Uninsured Family Members Christine Percheski
skogan Do Stop-and-Frisk Policies Affect Chicagoans' Trust in Police? Wesley Skogan
eagly Gender-Science Stereotypes in 66 Nations Alice Eagly
penedo For Hispanic and Latino Adults, Chronic Stress Linked to Obesity Frank Penedo
destin For First-Generation Students, Backgrounds Matter Mesmin Destin
galvin Can Stricter State Penalties Reduce Underpayment of Employees? Daniel Galvin
waxman Learning New Words? Linguistic Context Is Key for Infants Sandra Waxman
edgerly In Today’s Complex Media Environment, How Do People Consume News? Stephanie Edgerly
political On the Web, Political Campaigns Target, But Do Not Anticipate a Broad Audience James Druckman
inflammation For African American Teens, Exposure to Discrimination Linked to Inflammation Edith Chen, Greg Miller
breastfeeding Can Breastfeeding Reduce Chronic Inflammation? Emma Adam, Craig Garfield, Thomas McDade
snap How Food Stamps Impact Long-Term Health Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
warming Knowledge Polarizes Global Warming Debate Among Liberals and Conservatives Fay Lomax Cook, James Druckman
brain A Long Childhood Feeds the Hungry Human Brain Christopher Kuzawa