IPR Economist Elected to British Academy

Manski selected for pioneering work in partial identification

Charles F. Manski

IPR economist Charles F. Manski was one of 59 distinguished scholars and honorary members elected to the British Academy at its annual meeting on July 17.

Fellows are elected for their distinguished scholarship to one of the Academy’s 18 sections, which include law, medieval studies, and philosophy. Manski was elected to the economics and economic history section as a corresponding fellow, or one who lives outside of the United Kingdom at the time of his or her election.

“The Academy seeks the most eminent scholars based outside the U.K. to join its corresponding fellows,” said Andrew Chesher, also a British Academy fellow and William Stanley Jevons Professor of Economics and Economic Measurement at University College London.

Chesher, who has known Manski since the 1980s, directs the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (Cemmap) in London, where Manski is an international fellow. He cited Manski’s “analysis of the impact of relaxing some of the convenient but fragile assumptions underlying some econometric models commonly employed in policy analysis” as among the IPR fellow’s most “profound” and influential work. This work on semiparametric methods and partial identification, he continued, “offers the prospect of economic and social policy decisions built on a sound foundation of high-quality data analysis employing plausible models of behavior.”

The British Academy is the U.K. equivalent of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, to which Manski was also elected in 1994. As the U.K.’s national independent academy, it seeks to recognize and support outstanding research in the humanities and social sciences, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Founded in 1899 and receiving a Royal Charter from King Edward VII in 1902, it currently counts more than 900 members. Past fellows have included the economist John Maynard Keynes, anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey, and author C. S. Lewis.  

“Chuck has broken new ground in many areas of economics, statistics, and social science writ large that have left an indelible impact on policy research,” said IPR Director and education economist David Figlio. “We congratulate him on his latest outstanding accomplishment.”

Charles F. Manski is Board of Trustees Professor in Economics and an IPR fellow. In March 2013, Manski gave a lecture at Cemmap and the British Academy, discussing his recent book, Public Policy in an Uncertain World: Analysis and Decisions (Harvard University Press, 2013).

Photo credit: A. Weiss