Current Faculty

IPR is home to an interdisciplinary community of scholars, who are at the forefront of policy-relevant social science research in their respective fields. A list of IPR fellows and associates can be found below:

Faculty Fellows

IPR's 46 faculty fellows contribute to our core research areas. Links to their biographical and contact information, CVs, and research summaries can be found below.

FellowResearch Areas
Emma AdamEmma Adam
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Stress and adolescent emotional, behavioral, and academic development
  • Effects of stress on cognition and health
  • Race-based stress and racial disparities in health and academic outcomes
Lori BeamanLori Beaman
Associate Professor of Economics | IPR Fellow
  • Development and labor economics
  • Social networks and information dissemination
  • Impact of development policies on decision making
  • Gender
Julia BehrmanJulia Behrman
Assistant Professor of Sociology (on leave, 2017–18)
  • Demography
  • Education
  • Gender and family
  • Inequality
  • Fertility
  • Health
John BullockJohn Bullock
Associate Professor of Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • Partisanship and partisan bias in political thinking
  • Knowledge and ignorance of politics among ordinary voters
  • Education's effects on attitudes toward inequality
P. Lindsay Chase-LansdaleP. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale
Vice Provost for Academics | Frances Willard Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Two-generation programs that promote low-income parents' and their children's education simultaneously
  • How social policy issues affect family functioning and the development of children, youth, and adults
  • Social disparities and health and well-being
Anthony ChenAnthony Chen
Associate Professor of Sociology and Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • American political development and public policy since the New Deal
  • Politics of social policy, civil rights, and business-government relations
  • Affirmative action in college admissions
Edith ChenEdith Chen
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Chair and Professor of Psychology | IPR Fellow
  • The biological and psychological mechanisms associated with poverty and poor health in children
  • Resilience in youth -- why some who confront adversity stay in good health
  • The consequences of upward mobility for the health of minority youth
Fay Lomax Cook Fay Lomax Cook
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy (on leave) | Assistant Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Head of the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate, NSF | IPR Fellow
  • Public opinion and social policy
  • The politics of social policy
  • Public deliberation and deliberative democracy
  • Social Security
Mesmin DestinMesmin Destin
Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Social Policy | Chair of IPR's Program on Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies | IPR Fellow
  • Socioeconomic disparities in academic achievement
  • Identity-based motivation
  • Social psychological intervention
James DruckmanJames Druckman
Payson S. Wild Professor of Political Science | IPR Associate Director | IPR Fellow
  • Political and science communication
  • Representation
  • Sports politics
  • Experimental methodology
Alice EaglyAlice Eagly
James Padilla Chair of Arts and Sciences | Professor of Psychology | IPR Fellow
  • Psychology of attitudes
  • Psychology of gender
  • Women and leadership
  • Gender gaps
  • The content of stereotypes about social groups
David FiglioDavid Figlio
Orrington Lunt Professor of Education and Social Policy and of Economics | Dean of the School of Education and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • School accountability
  • School vouchers
  • Education finance
  • Intergenerational issues in health and education
  • Teacher and principal quality
  • Welfare policy
Daniel GalvinDaniel Galvin
Associate Professor of Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • American presidency
  • Party politics
  • Labor movement
  • Employment law
Jonathan GuryanJonathan Guryan
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | Chair of IPR’s Program on Education Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Labor market discrimination
  • The causes and consequences of racial inequality
  • Long-term effects of early life health
Laurel Harbridge YongLaurel Harbridge Yong
Associate Professor of Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • American politics, congressional elections, public opinion, and representation
  • Public policy (including budgetary policy)
  • Polarization, bipartisanship, compromise, and gridlock in Congress
Larry V. HedgesLarry V. Hedges
Board of Trustees Professor of Statistics and Education and Social Policy | Professor of Psychology | Professor of Medical Social Sciences | Director of the IPR Q-Center | IPR Fellow
  • Statistical methods for meta-analysis
  • Evidence-based methodology for social science research
  • Social distribution of academic achievement in America
  • Educational policies and practices
Simone Ispa-LandaSimone Ispa-Landa
Assistant Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Criminal records
  • Stigma
Kirabo JacksonKirabo Jackson
Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Labor economics
  • Public finance
  • Economics of education, in particular, teacher quality and effectiveness
Seema JayachandranSeema Jayachandran
Associate Professor of Economics | IPR Fellow
  • Health and education in developing countries
  • Gender equality
  • Environmental conservation
Cynthia KinnanCynthia Kinnan
Assistant Professor of Economics | IPR Fellow
  • Households and small firms' risk-taking and finances
  • Effects of social networks on insurance, credit, and savings
  • Issues related to financial access and social programs
Christopher KuzawaChristopher Kuzawa
Professor of Anthropology (on leave, 2017–18) | IPR Fellow
  • Influence of intrauterine and early postnatal environments on development and long-term health
  • Social disparities and health
  • Male reproductive ecology and the psychobiology of social relationships
Ofer MalamudOfer Malamud
Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • General and vocational education
  • Technology and child development
  • Returns to college education
Charles F. ManskiCharles F. Manski
Board of Trustees Professor in Economics | IPR Fellow
  • Econometrics and statistics
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Public policy analysis
Thomas McDadeThomas McDade
Carlos Montezuma Professor of Anthropology | Director of Cells to Society (C2S): The Center on Social Disparities and Health at the Institute for Policy Research | IPR Fellow
  • Long-term effects of early environments, with an emphasis on inflammation and health
  • Health disparities
  • Biomarkers for population-based research
  • Social and cultural contexts of stress and health
Mary McGrathMary McGrath
Assistant Professor of Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • Political decision-making, behavior, and opinion formation
  • Partisanship and group identification
  • Attitudes toward taxation and redistributive policies
  • Public opinion regarding scientific information and science in public policy
Rachel Davis MerseyRachel Davis Mersey
Associate Professor of Journalism | Chair of IPR's Program on Politics, Institutions, and Policy Policy | IPR Fellow
  • News audiences
  • Digital and mobile media
  • Information and democracy
Greg MillerGreg Miller
Louis W. Menk Professor of Psychology | IPR Fellow
  • Health consequences of poverty in children
  • Stress-related changes in immune system functions
  • Asthma, cardiometabolic disease, and perinatal outcomes
Matthew NotowidigdoMatthew Notowidigdo
Associate Professor of Economics | IPR Fellow
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Consumer bankruptcy
Andrew V. PapachristosAndrew V. Papachristos
Professor of Sociology | IPR Fellow
  • The diffusion of crime and violence in social networks and urban neighborhoods
  • Gun violence and gun violence prevention
  • Street gangs
  • Neighborhood effects
  • Urban poverty and inequality
  • Policing and police reform in the United States
Christine PercheskiChristine Percheski
Assistant Professor of Sociology | IPR Fellow
  • Women’s employment
  • Family demography
  • Income inequality
  • Marriage and family formation
  • Health insurance coverage
Monica PrasadMonica Prasad
Professor of Sociology | IPR Fellow
  • Taxation
  • Comparative political economy
  • Corruption
Lincoln QuillianLincoln Quillian
Professor of Sociology | Chair of IPR's Program on Urban Policy and Community Development | IPR Fellow
  • Residential segregation
  • Neighborhood formation
  • Neighborhood effects
  • Racial attitudes 
Beth RedbirdBeth Redbird
Assistant Professor of Sociology | IPR Fellow
  • Inequality/stratification
  • Economic sociology
  • Organizations, occupations, and work
  • Quantitative methodology
Rachel Beatty RiedlRachel Beatty Riedl
Associate Professor of Political Science | IPR Fellow
  • Democratization
  • Religion and politics
  • Authoritarian regime legacies
  • Identity politics
Onnie RogersOnnie Rogers
Assistant Professor of Psychology | IPR Fellow
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Racial and gender identity
  • Racial and gender stereotypes
  • Diversity, schooling, and education
James RosenbaumJames Rosenbaum
Professor of Education and Social Policy, and of Sociology | Chair of IPR’s Program on Poverty, Race, and Inequality | IPR Fellow
  • High-school-to-work transition
  • Employers and community colleges
  • Gautreaux Program
  • Moving to Opportunity
Diane Whitmore SchanzenbachDiane Whitmore Schanzenbach
Margaret Walker Alexander Professor of Human Development and Social Policy | IPR Director
  • Education policy
  • Child health
  • Anti-poverty policies
  • Economics of food consumption
  • Food stamps
Morton SchapiroMorton Schapiro
Professor and President, Northwestern University | IPR Fellow
  • Economics of higher education
  • College financing and student aid
  • Measuring college success
Heather SchoenfeldHeather Schoenfeld
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Education and Social Policy | IPR Fellow
  • Politics of criminal justice policy
  • Mass incarceration
  • Race and American political development
Rebecca SeligmanRebecca Seligman
Associate Professor of Anthropology | IPR Fellow
  • Cultural influences on mental health and healing
  • Effects of social inequalities on physical and mental health
  • Embodiment, psychophysiology, and mind-body interaction
  • Immigrant mental health
Bruce D. SpencerBruce D. Spencer
Professor of Statistics | IPR Fellow
  • Statistics used in public policy and legal settings
  • Evaluation of the Census and other data programs
  • Demographic statistics
  • Design and analysis of samples and other statistical studies
  • Statistical assessment of earthquake hazard predictions
Quincy Thomas StewartQuincy Thomas Stewart
Associate Professor of Sociology | IPR Fellow
  • Racial and ethnic inequality
  • Formal demography
  • Health and mortality
  • Modeling social inequality
Lauren WakschlagLauren Wakschlag
Professor and Vice Chair for Scientific and Faculty Development, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine | IPR Fellow
  • Childhood mental health and early-life risk mechanisms
  • Measurement and modeling of disruptive behavior in childhood
  • Prenatal adversity
Celeste Watkins-HayesCeleste Watkins-Hayes
Professor of Sociology and African American Studies | IPR Fellow
  • Urban poverty
  • Social policy
  • Formal organizations: nonprofit and government
  • Race, class, and gender
Sandra WaxmanSandra Waxman
Louis W. Menk Chair in Psychology | Professor of Cognitive Psychology | IPR Fellow
  • Biological thought and culture
  • Early linguistic and cognitive development
  • Word learning in infants
Burton WeisbrodBurton Weisbrod
Cardiss Collins Professor of Economics | Chair of IPR’s Program on Performance Measurement and Rewards | IPR Fellow
  • Defining, measuring, and rewarding “performance” in the public and nonprofit sectors
  • Theory and measurement of economic behavior by for-profit, public, and nonprofit organizations
  • Economics of higher education and health/medical care
Sera YoungSera Young
Assistant Professor of Anthropology | IPR Fellow
  • Global health
  • Maternal and child nutrition
  • Infant feeding
  • HIV
  • Food insecurity

Faculty Associates

IPR has more than 100 faculty associates and adjuncts, who are listed below with links to their biographical pages in their respective departments and schools.

Ronald AckermannRonald Ackermann
General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Katherine AmatoKatherine Amato
Ana AparicioAna Aparicio
Ana ArjonaAna Arjona
Political Science
Galya Ben-AriehGalya Ben-Arieh
Political Science
Nicola BianchiNicola Bianchi
Management and Strategy
Henry BinfordHenry Binford
Bernard BlackBernard Black
Finance and Law
Pablo BoczkowskiPablo Boczkowski
Communication Studies
Tabitha BonillaTabitha Bonilla
Research Assistant Professor
Ann BordersAnn Borders
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Héctor CarrilloHéctor Carrillo
Jenifer CartlandJenifer Cartland
David CellaDavid Cella
Medical Social Sciences
Dennis ChongDennis Chong
Faculty Adjunct
Crystal ClarkCrystal Clark
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Cynthia CoburnCynthia Coburn
Human Development and Social Policy
Jeannette ColyvasJeannette Colyvas
Human Development and Social Policy/Learning Sciences
Thomas D. CookThomas D. Cook
Faculty Emeritus
David DanaDavid Dana
Shari Seidman DiamondShari Seidman Diamond
Jack DoppeltJack Doppelt
David DranoveDavid Dranove
Management and Strategy
Greg DuncanGreg Duncan
Faculty Adjunct
Annette D’OnofrioAnnette D’Onofrio
Matthew EasterdayMatthew Easterday
Learning Sciences
Janice EberlyJanice Eberly
Stephanie EdgerlyStephanie Edgerly
Steven EpsteinSteven Epstein
Joe FeinglassJoe Feinglass
General Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine
Joseph FerrieJoseph Ferrie
Eli FinkelEli Finkel
William FunkWilliam Funk
Preventive Medicine
Jordan Gans-MorseJordan Gans-Morse
Political Science
Craig GarfieldCraig Garfield
Craig GarthwaiteCraig Garthwaite
Elizabeth GerberElizabeth Gerber
Mechanical Engineering
Claudia HaaseClaudia Haase
Human Development and Social Policy
John HaganJohn Hagan
Sociology and Law
Eszter HargittaiEszter Hargittai
Faculty Adjunct
John HeinzJohn Heinz
Faculty Emeritus
Barton HirschBarton Hirsch
Education and Social Policy
Paul HirschPaul Hirsch
Management and Organizations
Jane HollJane Holl
Benjamin JonesBenjamin Jones
Dean KarlanDean Karlan
Brayden KingBrayden King
Management and Organizations
Kristen KnutsonKristen Knutson
Neurology and Preventive Medicine
Craig LaMayCraig LaMay
Carol LeeCarol Lee
Human Development and Social Policy/Learning Sciences
Donna LeffDonna Leff
Dan LewisDan Lewis
Human Development and Social Policy
Molly LoshMolly Losh
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jolie MatthewsJolie Matthews
Learning Sciences
Michael MazzeoMichael Mazzeo
Management and Strategy
Leslie McCallLeslie McCall
Faculty Adjunct
Therese McGuireTherese McGuire
Management and Strategy
Julie Lee MersethJulie Lee Merseth
Political Science
Vijay MittalVijay Mittal
Daniel Mroczek Daniel Mroczek
Quinn MulroyQuinn Mulroy
Human Development and Social Policy
Brian MustanskiBrian Mustanski
Medical Social Sciences
Robert NelsonRobert Nelson
Robin NusslockRobin Nusslock
Daniel O'KeefeDaniel O'Keefe
Communication Studies/Sociology
Thomas OgorzalekThomas Ogorzalek
Political Science
Benjamin PageBenjamin Page
Political Science
Mary PattilloMary Pattillo
Sociology/African American Studies
Destiny PeeryDestiny Peery
Frank PenedoFrank Penedo
Medical Social Sciences
Sylvia PerrySylvia Perry
Amélie PetitclercAmélie Petitclerc
Medical Social Sciences
Gregory PhillipsGregory Phillips
Medical Social Sciences
Robert PorterRobert Porter
Eva RedeiEva Redei
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Michelle ReiningerMichelle Reininger
Faculty Adjunct
Jennifer RichesonJennifer Richeson
Faculty Adjunct
Lauren RiveraLauren Rivera
Management and Organizations
Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts
Political Science
Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez
Michael Rodríguez-MuñizMichael Rodríguez-Muñiz
William RogersonWilliam Rogerson
Leonard RubinowitzLeonard Rubinowitz
Terri SabolTerri Sabol
School of Education and Social Policy
Paola SapienzaPaola Sapienza
Max SchanzenbachMax Schanzenbach
Madeleine ShalowitzMadeleine Shalowitz
Institute for Health Services Research and Policy Studies
Michelle ShumateMichelle Shumate
Communication Studies
Melissa SimonMelissa Simon
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Wesley G. SkoganWesley G. Skogan
Faculty Emeritus
Edward (Ned) SmithEdward (Ned) Smith
Management and Organizations
Teresa Eckrich SommerTeresa Eckrich Sommer
Research Associate Professor
James SpillaneJames Spillane
Human Development, Social Policy and Learning Sciences
Seth SteinSeth Stein
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Reed StevensReed Stevens
Learning Sciences
Jennifer TackettJennifer Tackett
Linda TeplinLinda Teplin
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Susan ThistleSusan Thistle
Chloe ThurstonChloe Thurston
Political Science
Christopher UdryChristopher Udry
Brian UzziBrian Uzzi
Management and Organizations
Ellen WartellaEllen Wartella
Communication Studies
Charles WhitakerCharles Whitaker
Teresa WoodruffTeresa Woodruff
Obstetrics and Gynecology