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IPR Faculty Receive Guggenheim FellowshipsIPR sociologist Monica Prasad and IPR social psychologist Jennifer Richeson will write books on tax cuts, "paradox of diversity."Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Rebecca SeligmanIPR anthropologist Rebecca Seligman researches how social and cultural experiences become embedded in physical and mental health.Read more...


Is Bipartisanship Dead?Research on Congress' rising polarization has only looked at half the picture, IPR political scientist Laurel Harbridge argues in her new book.Read more...


Chase-Lansdale, Others Discuss Two-Gen InitativesIPR developmental psychologist Lindsay Chase-Lansdale contributed to a new anthology from the Aspen Institute and a panel discussion on the anthology.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Alice EaglyIPR social psychologist Alice Eagly studies gender in relation to the era of second-wave feminism.Read more...

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Jennifer Richeson

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