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IPR Faculty Receive Guggenheim FellowshipsIPR sociologist Monica Prasad and IPR social psychologist Jennifer Richeson will write books on tax cuts, "paradox of diversity."Read more...


The High Cost of StereotypesSocial psychologist Claude Steele and IPR researchers identify and examine threats to our sense of self, including stereotypes.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Alice EaglyIPR social psychologist Alice Eagly studies gender in relation to the era of second-wave feminism.Read more...


Women in Mali Save and Invest, with No Banks NearbyIPR economist Lori Beaman evaluates the impact of savings groups on women in Mali.Read more...

lori beaman

Does Medical Malpractice Law Affect Health Outcomes?IPR health and law scholar Michael Frakes analyzes the relationship between tort reforms and quality of care.Read more...

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Jennifer Richeson

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