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How Babies' Environments Lead to Poor Health LaterA new study helps to understand how our bodies “remember” experiences in infancy and carry them forward to shape inflammation and health in adulthood.Read more...

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Dissecting the Political LandscapeThe 11th annual Chicago Area Political and Social Behavior Workshop (CAB) highlighted "the reach of politics in topics such as wealth, geography, homes, and journalism."Read more...


Segregation in French and U.S. CitiesLarge U.S. cities are more socioeconomically segregated than French metropolises of the same size, according to research by IPR sociologist Lincoln Quillian.Read more...

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The Vital Role of Government StatisticsGovernment data are critical to more than just policy, according to a bipartisan report coauthored by IPR economist Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach.Read more...


Combating Medical Students' Racial BiasPsychologist and IPR associate Sylvia Perry and her colleagues identify one possible cause of biased attitudes among medical students and propose possible solutions.Read more...

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Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

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