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Faculty Spotlight: Edith ChenIPR health psychologist Edith Chen looks at why health disparities exist and what could help make things better.Read more...

Edith Chen

Heavier Babies Do Better in SchoolThe New York Times covered a new study led by IPR researchers, including its director, David Figlio, indicating that we should reassess approaches to childbirth.Read more...

David Figlio

Faculty Spotlight: Quincy Thomas StewartIPR social demographer Quincy Thomas Stewart applies advanced mathematics to social science issues.Read more...


A Long Childhood Feeds the Hungry Human BrainIPR biological anthropologist Christopher Kuzawa finds children's brains use more glucose than adult brains.Read more...


Obama Gives Major Policy Talk at NorthwesternPresident touches on topics that are also the subject of IPR faculty research, from education and healthcare to innovation and opportunity.Read more...

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Jennifer Richeson

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