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Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?IPR's David Figlio and Morton Schapiro find no relationship between teaching quality and research quality for tenured faculty.Read more...

college classroom

Faculty Spotlight: Claudia HaaseIPR associate Claudia Haase works to understand why people develop the way they do, examining both social and biological factors.Read more...

Claudia Haase

Be 'Color-Brave' With Your KidsIPR's Sandra Waxman, Onnie Rogers, and Jennifer Richeson urge parents and educators not to shy away from discussing race with their children.Read more...

diverse children

Communicating Science in a Politicized EraIPR political scientist James Druckman studies public opinion on climate change to understand the hurdles and antidotes to scientific communication.Read more...

climate change

Grant to Support Study of Two-Gen ExpansionNorthwestern's Two-Generation Research Initiative has received a $1.4 million grant to study the expansion of CareerAdvance.Read more...

two-generation ininitiative
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