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Peering into our Robot FutureAustralian parliamentarian Andrew Leigh discussed the future of work, inequality, and robots at an IPR Distinguished Public Policy Lecture.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Rachel Davis MerseyIPR mass communication scholar Rachel Davis Mersey pioneers research on how readers' identities affect their media preferences.Read more...


The Costs of Imperfect Census DataIPR statistician Bruce Spencer and IPR graduate research assistant Zachary Seeskin examine whether it is possible to cut costs for the 2020 census.Read more...


Do Gun Laws Lead to More, or Less, Crime?Studies of gun laws have reached vastly different judgments as to their effects. IPR economist Charles F. Manski seeks to explain why.Read more...


Tracking Psychiatric Disorders in Youth After DetentionIPR associate Linda Teplin examines mental health needs and outcomes in the juvenile justice system.Read more...

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Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

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