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College Access and SuccessOn May 6, IPR will hold a policy research briefing in Washington, D.C. discussing how to help low-income students enter, thrive, and succeed in college. Read more...


The Road to Higher Education IPR researchers study issues of college access, affordability, and persistence, helping to inform policymakers and the public on how best to help low-income students.Read more...

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Cook to Lead NSF DirectorateIPR social policy expert Fay Lomax Cook has been selected to lead the National Science Foundation's Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Read more...

fay lomax cook

Two Generations, One FutureOn April 16, IPR will hold a policy research briefing to examine evidence supporting two-generation programs, which provide workforce development training to parents while their children are engaged in education programs.Read more...


Faculty Spotlight: Lincoln Quillian IPR sociologist Lincoln Quillian examines the complex issues of race, ethnicity, social stratification, and segregation, and their influence on perceptions and prejudices. Read more...

Lincoln Quillian
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