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IPR Welcomes Eight New FellowsWith research interests ranging from the economics and politics of developing countries to identity development and social inequality, these eight experts represent five disciplines.Read more...

new fellows

Faculty Spotlight: James DruckmanThrough his work on public opinion, IPR political scientist James Druckman “gets at the heart of studying the quality of democracy."Read more...

jamie druckman

Childhood Abuse and Risk of Adult DeathResearch by IPR experts uncovers a link between self-reported childhood abuse and an increased risk of premature death in women. Read more...

child abuse

Cultural Values Affect Educational OutcomesA new study finds that when parents pass along a culture that values self-control and an ability to delay gratification, their children do better in school. Read more...


What Does Social Science Say About Female Leaders?IPR psychologist Alice Eagly lays out the evidence on male and female leaders, as well as the potential consequences of having a female president.Read more...

Margaret Thatcher
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