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Top-Read Articles Underline Relevance of IPR ResearchThis year's top-read articles aligned with some of 2016's biggest headlines, from the water crisis in Flint to the presidential election.Read more...

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Faculty Spotlight: Greg MillerIPR health psychologist Greg Miller has spent years unpacking the nuances of how socioeconomic status connects to health.Read more...

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Race and Gender in a School Busing ProgramIPR education sociologist Simone Ispa-Landa used in-depth interviews with students to understand the effects of an urban-to-suburban busing program.Read more...


Polling by Probabilities?The USC/LA Times Daybreak poll, which correctly predicted Donald Trump's win, used a method proposed and studied by IPR economist Charles F. Manski.Read more...


Manufacturing a Better Organ Transplant ProcessAccording to IPR associate Jane Holl, a common technique in the manufacturing world can also be used to improve the organ transplantation process.Read more...

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