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A Vision for the Future of Education ResearchNa'ilah Suad Nasir, president of the Spencer Foundation, laid out her goals for the future of education research in a special lecture.Read more...

Na'ilah Suad Nasir

Faculty Spotlight: Robin NusslockPsychologist and IPR associate Robin Nusslock strives to understand the relationship between the brain and mental and physical well-being.Read more...

Robin Nusslock

Bridging the GapsA new book by IPR education researcher James Rosenbaum examines how community colleges can help nontraditional students succeed.Read more...

Bridging the Gaps

Battling 'Incredible Certitude' in Science ReportingIt is more important than ever to face up to and report uncertainty, IPR economist Charles F. Manski explained in a National Academy of Sciences lecture.Read more...

Charles F. Manski

Improving Autism InterventionsIPR's Molly Losh and Sandra Waxman are working to enable earlier, more effective autism diagnosis and intervention.Read more...

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