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SNAP's Short- and Long-Term BenefitsIPR economist Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach finds that SNAP improves birth outcomes and long-term health for recipients, and leads to better economic outcomes for women.Read more...

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A Moment of 'Democratic Imperative'?At an April workshop, an international group of scholars discussed how past cases of democratic change can inform the contemporary moment.Read more...

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Faculty Spotlight: Heather SchoenfeldSociologist and legal scholar Heather Schoenfeld studies how the United States became the world's biggest jailer, and what policies might do to change it.Read more...


Creating Order out of Civil WarIn a new book, IPR associate Ana Arjona uses the case of Colombia's civil war to challenge the assumption that civil wars are always chaotic environments.Read more...

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Developmental Consequences of Superfund SitesChildren who live near hazardous waste sites can benefit from environmental cleanups, suggests research by David Figlio and Claudia Persico.Read more...

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Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

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