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Ready for School, Ready for LifeIPR experts, congressmen address important issues of early childhood education at policy research briefing on Capitol Hill.Read more...

ready for school, life

Faculty Spotlight: Simone Ispa-LandaIPR sociologist Simone Ispa-Landa studies how race, gender, and stigma operate on the day-to-day, experiential level.Read more...


Small Venue, Big IdeasLeading social scientists discuss gender stereotypes, perceptions of corruption, and more at 10th annual Chicago Area Behavior workshop.Read more...


The Future of Collective InnovationWithout careful attention to organizational structure, IPR associate Elizabeth Gerber explains, technology's rapid growth could cripple broad engagement. Read more...


Who Governs?In a new book, IPR political scientist James Druckman explores how presidents manipulate public opinion to drum up support for their policies.Read more...

who governs
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Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach



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